Nuggets of Wisdom About

Lynne Twist

Lynne Twist, global activist, fundraiser, speaker, author, teacher, mentor and counselor, has devoted her life to service in support of global sustainability and security, human rights, economic integrity and spiritual authenticity.

Ms. Twist formed the Soul of Money Institute as a center for further exploration of theories, attitudes and best practices that enable people to find peace, freedom and sufficiency in their relationship with money and the money culture. She and her husband Bill Twist are also co-founders of The Pachamama Alliance, an organization dedicated to preserving tropical rainforests by empowering the indigenous people who are their natural custodians.

Ms. Twist is president of the Turning Tide Coalition, a gathering of like-minded organizations committed to global sustainability. Lynne is a trustee of the John E. Fetzer Institute, co-chair of the board of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and also serves the Global Security Institute, the Kudirat Institute for Democracy, and Educate Girls Globally.

A native of Chicago, Ms. Twist graduated from Stanford University, initially becoming an elementary school teacher of music, drama and dance, later teaching the same subjects at the Sacred Heart High School in San Francisco and Barat College, Lake Forest, Illinois. In 1974, Lynne founded Pacific Primary School in San Francisco for children aged two through eight, before turning to the work to end world hunger, and other philanthropic organizations and social action.

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