Nuggets of Wisdom About


Building a company to do great things, means working with great people. Nuggets of Wisdom is honored to work with and support the following organizations:

New Dimensions Broadcasting Corporation.

Producing and distributing life-affirming, socially and spiritually relevant programming throughout the world ( It is through the cooperation of New Dimensions, and their incredible archive of audio interviews, that we are able to present much of the wisdom you will find on this website.

Simple Star

Simple Star makes easy to use personal media software that enables people to manage, make and share personal media in fun and creative ways ( Check out their latest product PhotoShow where you can add Nuggets of Wisdom to your own photos to share with friends and family!

Fifty Crows Foundation

Using photographic narratives of world events to raise awareness about social, political and environmental situations that lead to a better understanding of our common humanity. (

Chime Interactive

Chime Interactive provides multimedia production services, web site architecture/design/technologies, and community & technology consulting. (

Goodfood Productions, Inc.

Sharif Ezzat and his team create innovative digital media that inspires people to action. You can view his work in several of the video pieces on the site. (